Miami United development training offers a unique and dynamic environment for children of all skill levels to develop the mental, physical and technical skills required for the game. Our mission is to provide each child with the tools they need to reach their highest level of performance, while at the same time ensuring they have fun.


Miami United promotes awareness to the issues of sustaining a healthy diet, managing controllable diseases and fostering the next generation of leaders.

The Miami United Youth Soccer Program is designed to aid youth skills and proficiency in soccer, to highlight how sports assist in the development of social skills, and to address the childhood illnesses that result from a lack of physical activity.


Starting in May of 2014, Miami United will be starting up it’s Youth Champions League, a season long game day event that encourages local youth to take part in our exciting  soccer tournament. Target ages for the league are between 14 to 16 yrs old. More details to come as the months progress.

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Specifically, the Miami United Youth program will focus on:

•  Building our communities one child at a time through inspiration, education and nutrition. Childhood obesity is growing at an alarming rate, and soccer promotes a healthy lifestyle

•  Promoting soccer, the world’s most popular sport-and one of North America’s fastest growing youth sports- as a solid foundation for all sports, teaching the fundamentals of balance and precision both on and off the field

•  Promoting the ideals of Long Term Player Development; emphasizing that making it fun first makes us all winners

•  Encouraging parents to participate as well; spend time, connect, take part and get in shape!

•  Illustrating that through youth sports anyone can touch the world in a small way that will have a big impact


•  Team meets with program coordinators

•  Introduction and chat by Our Team of Pros

•  Light warm-up and stretching

•  Skills training and fitness

•  Expert “Tips and Tricks” for the field

•  Light scrimmage with in game training

•  Discussion about training, nutrition, education, and winning on & off the field

•  Questions & Answers


Each week, your child will progress through sequential stages of development training, including:

•  Defensive Moves: player to player marking, zone marking and shielding

•  Offensive Moves: control, finishing, speed, agility and space creation

•  Strategic Marking: positional awareness, tactical attacking and defending

•  Leadership and Teamwork Skills: good sportsmanship, communication with team mates and self confidence on and off the field.


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